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  1. Mix well one white and one blue putty for 3-5 seconds ( till no more white color show )
  2.  Roll into a 2 inch “hot dog” andplace on the tray (less than 10 seconds). DO NOT let the putty hanging off the edges
  3. IMMEDIATELY align the tray with your teeth and BITE ALL THE WAY DOWN in the center of the tray. Only bite down once. Do not talk or move your teeth. Push the excess putty back into your gums while holding your bite.
  4.  After 3-4 minutes, poke the putty to check, if it’s still soft leave it for another few minutes. 
  5. Once the putty is hardened, takeout the tray by wiggling both sides to take it out of your teeth. Rinse the impression with water and put it in the zip lock. Do not remove the mold from the tray.
  6. Send pictures of all molds before ship. If the impression is bad, we cannot make your Grillz fit.
  7. Send back the mold impression includes order sheet in a ziplock . Make sure you pay for the label to ship back (UPS or USPS) tracking will be on the receipt when you pay to ship back .
  8. Email us the tracking number.
  • The package will not ship if there’s no new label
  • If you fail to follow the instruction or the mold impression not good, you will have to order a new mold kit.
  • Good molds should have all clear gumline and deep impression.
  • Use 2 mold kits for top or bottom only.
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